Frequently asked questions

Are the diets important to follow?

For maximum results it is suggested that you keep to these eating plans as they have specifically been formulated to boost your metabolism and weight loss.

Are there more eating plans besides the special diet that comes with the slimming products?

There are in total 4 eating plans:

  • Vegetarian
  • High Protein
  • Low Cholesterol and
  • The Special Diet.
Please speak to your agent to obtain these eating plans.

Are there any side affects to the product ranges?

Only the Detox may cause a headache, but a painkiller may be taken. Headaches may occur due to toxin’s being flushed from the body.

Are the SAiCS products safe to use?

All SAiCS products are safe to use for persons from the ages of +6 years. The products are safe for high blood pressure, diabetes and breast feeding mothers.

Are the products natural

All SAiCS products are 100% natural.

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